Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Visual Inspection

Experienced Inspectors Ensure Safer Parts

Our IDEA-ICE-3000-certified inspectors perform a visual inspection on all incoming material. Our equipment includes Zeiss microscopes, magnification lenses, Vacuum Pens, and calipers to measure components to manufacturer specifications.

Our inspectors verify the logo is authentic. They confirm the parts are not remarked or re-stamped, and they inspect laser markings for burn holes. Our inspectors verify that the lead/pin/ball count and formation type of package match the data sheet, and inspect for damaged leads (bent, scratched, broken, dented, missing, co-planarity, etc.).

Vital Step in the Process

Our staff of engineers is exceptionally trained to detect a wide array of indicators in the visual inspection stage of counterfeit mitigation. There are numerous signals we are able to detect that could mean the presence of a counterfeit part, such as:

• Lead damage

• Refurbished leads

• Inconsistent shine or texture

• Surface cracks

• Inconsistent date codes

• And more

On top of comprehensive inspection from a highly trained inspector, we take high resolution photos of components at each step of the process, providing us with detailed records of each piece we inspect.

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