Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Solderability Testing

Comprehensive Testing With Precise Accuracy

Solderability testing from North Shore Components measures how much and how quickly molten solder adheres to the component being tested. Utilizing the Metronelec Menisco ST78 Solderability Machine, the part is dipped into molten solder and then our inspectors record the weight of solder that sticks to the piece (how much) and the amount of time it took to climb the lead (how quickly).

Measuring With Absolute Precision

Solderability testing is useful because it is incredibly accurate. It utilizes wetting balance technology which is highly regarded as the most accurate way to perform such a test. The results are vital to determining the solderability of a component and provides our team with the force needed for adequate “wetting balance” and a detailed, graphical report that highlights the results of the test.

This testing method is meant to simulate the effects of long-term storage. The entire process, essentially, rapidly ages the pieces being inspected so the inspecting team can observe if it is an authentically made component.

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