Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Singapore Location

Asia Pacific Headquarters

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Our Singapore location was established in 2019. It is currently home to our Asia Pacific management staff as well as sales and purchasing personnel. There is a temperature and humidity- controlled warehouse for inventory and logistics.

These headquarters are also home to the first ever AS6081 certified test lab in Singapore. This temperature and humidity- controlled lab is fully equipped with X-Ray machines, XRF machines, a decapsulation oven, a baking oven for MSL, a solderability testing station, multiple high-powered microscopes, heated solvent equipment and various electrical test equipment to facilitate in-house electrical verifications.

All this enables us to perform all the primary counterfeit mitigation processes on-site. This location allows us to better serve our many customers in the APAC region with local testing capabilities and more efficient logistics.

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