Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Distribution Services from North Shore Components

Everything You Need from One Provider

Component Procurement

North Shore Components has a knowledgeable, friendly and professional sales team. They have years of industry experience that they use to provide customers with quality products, competitive pricing and Stellar Service.

In addition to a renowned sales team, North Shore Components has an experienced management team, procurement specialists, and a certified inspection group to assist with all aspects of fulfilling our customer’s requirements. Obsolete components, end of life, commercial and military materials are all available.

Materials Management

Focusing on the voice of the customer and their needs, North Shore Components delivers comprehensive procurement and material management solutions for Original Equipment, Contract Manufacturers, Repair Facilities and Testing Houses.

Direct Buy Commodities

Our procurement strategy includes working with our customers to reduce and manage their Vendor base for Direct Buy and other items at an agreed-upon fixed mark up. Instead of adding additional Vendors, our customers use North Shore Components to procure their Direct Buy commodities thereby reducing the cost associated with managing more Vendors. You tell us where to go and we will buy, inspect and deliver it!

Testing and Value Added Services

North Shore Components performs various In-House Testing to ensure and validate that material supplied is IAW manufacturer specifications.

We also use other various approved and customer recommended testing houses to perform electrical and additional testing whenever applicable.

North Shore Components will not only procure your material, but we will also have it electrically tested based on your requirements. Utilization of this service has addressed many logistic issues that some customers faced when receiving materials that needed further testing. In addition to providing this service for the material that we procure, we will also provide this service for any material that you may supply.

Fixed Pricing and Long-Term Agreements

North Shore Components understands that all customers want the best value for their dollars. Accordingly, we are always willing to help our customers by entering into Fixed Pricing or Long-Term Agreements for the materials that we currently supply. We can even merge an inspection and test plan for the various commodities to ensure that an emphasis on price doesn’t sacrifice quality.

Once reached, any agreement will obviously include and allow our customer to audit our procurement records to ensure compliance and increase confidence.

Scheduled Orders

Scheduled orders allow customers to have their products automatically reordered and shipped on a specific date or on a fixed frequency.  It takes the hassle out of constantly processing multiple purchase orders for the same items month after month.  In addition, it allows immediate expediting or delaying of material whenever needed.  This arrangement can improve customer supply chain performance by reducing inventories and preventing lost or low stock situations. We can also merge this program with a fixed pricing agreement to ensure that costs remain fixed and materials are always readily available.

Asset Recovery

We offer a powerful database of customers combined with online resources that maximize the visibility of the customer’s excess and surplus inventory worldwide, enhancing the product value and speeding transactional velocity. By combining a vast global reach with in-depth market analysis, North Shore Components works to ensure maximum asset recovery utilizing a highly efficient and hassle-free process.

North Shore Components has a proven track record for successfully managing the sale of excess and obsolete inventory on behalf of OEMs and CEMs.

Custom tailored solutions include:

• Direct Purchase Agreements

When rapid asset recovery is critical, North Shore Components’s Direct Purchase Agreements offer the customer the ideal solution. With these agreements, North Shore Components evaluates a customer’s list of materials then offers a fair price for the entire lot based upon an estimate of the inventory’s current market value. This price is then presented to the customer, and if accepted, a purchase order for the entire lot will be generated.

• Consignment Sales Solutions

With Consignment Sales Solutions, North Shore Components carefully evaluates the customer’s list of excess inventory, and then categorizes the inventory based upon commodity type and potential liquidity. The customer and North Shore Components will negotiate a Consignment Sales Solution finding a mutually acceptable revenue-sharing split.

Once the negotiations are completed the customer assigns the inventory to North Shore Components while retaining the title of the merchandise. The inventory is carefully reviewed, counted, repacked and tracked in our inventory management system. As surplus inventory is sold, the customer receives monthly payments and detailed reports.

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