Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Announcing our Asia Pacific Headquarters in Singapore

Decapsulation Verification

See Your Component’s True Colors

Decapsulation verification from North Shore Components is utilized in conjunction with high-powered microscopes to verify and authenticate OCM devices. Testing is performed to verify the inner die markings and workings of the unit under test conditions utilizing the Nisene Technology Group Model 350 D2I Plastic Decapsulator.

What is Decapsulation?

This testing method allows Technicians to visually inspect a component’s internal die. This is achieved by using abrasive acids that carefully scrape the parts’ surface, exposing the underlying die.

How Does Decapsulation Authenticate a Component?

Once the internal die is exposed, it is observed and inspected via a powerful microscope. The technician inspecting the part will look for indicators that deem a part “authentic” such as:

• Manufacturer’s logo

• Marking code

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