About Us

North Shore Components, Inc. is a Global Supplier of Electronic, Computer and Aviation Parts, Components & Hardware. A leading Independent Distributor & Excess Inventory Partner specializing in Counterfeit Mitigation & Obsolescence Management.

North Shore Components, Inc. was the 1st in the industry to offer its customers a 5-Year Warranty!

North Shore Components Inc. is a true leader in counterfeit detection methodology which has allowed them to become one of the leading Preferred Suppliers in the industry. They utilize counterfeit detection methods and tests to ensure components and assemblies delivered to their Customers are authentic to Manufacturer specifications.

North Shore Components, Inc. is a Woman Owned Business headquartered in New York, USA with locations around the world to service our global network of commercial and military customers. We specialize in the procurement, testing and distribution of electrical, electronic, and electro-mechanical board level components and assemblies.

North Shore Components, Inc. has a 10,000 square foot plus modern facility, and is a member of many leading organizations which include ERAI, IDEA, WBENC, ITARGIDEP. In addition, their Quality Management System is based on meeting the criteria of ISO 9001, AS9120, ESD S20.20, CTI CCAP-101, AS5553, AS6081ISO/IEC 17025 Lab Certification. In addition, key personnel are Qualified Auditor’s who obtained certification from ASQ for Lead Auditor Training.

North Shore Components, Inc. leads the electronic components industry today in innovation, and prides itself on the stellar service we provide our customers.    

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Certifications & Warranty

Our Quality Management System is based on meeting the criteria of…


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I recently had to conduct receiving inspection for an Azusa procurement although I work for our Boulder, CO site.  I have to say this is the best documentation I have seen with a delivery in the 2 years I have been conducting receiving  inspection.  Normally it takes 3-4 deliveries and multiple phone calls with supplier quality assurance to hone in the QA documentation required but North Shore went above and beyond expectations in my first inspection.  It is apparent North Shore takes electronic components authenticity very seriously which is essential in government contracting and in the larger picture national security.  I will convey to supply chain the excellent QA department you have and if you could please convey my kudos to management and your QA team. ”

Tony Z, Hardware QA

Northrop Grumman

  • North Shore Components, Inc. was the first Independent Distributor in the industry to contract with Applied DNA Sciences to provide DNA Marking In-House after the completion of the pilot program. This service delivers counterfeit protection, brand authentication, and combats product diversion by using the proven forensic power of DNA.
  •  North Shore Components, Inc. was the first Independent Distributor to be certified to Components Technology Institute Inc. Counterfeit Components Avoidance Program (CCAP-101) which means that North Shore Components, Inc. has already established mandatory controls, inspections and tests for the detection and avoidance of counterfeit components – a major issue for the electronic components industry.
  • All North Shore Components, Inc. Inspectors are IDEA-ICE-3000 Certified, based on the industry standard IDEA-STD-1010 Acceptability of Electronic Components Distributed in the Open Market
  • In response to our growing customer needs and requirements North Shore Components, Inc. upgraded our existing equipment to meet higher standards.  Recently we have replaced our portable digital multi- meter to a desktop high precision L/C/R meter.   Zeroing offset and hands free SMD test fixtures allows us to measure main attributes of resistors, capacitors, and inductors to 0.2% accuracy.  This will increase our accuracy by a factor of 10.  It will also allow us also increase our range of reading of the low Ohm and Pf devices that cause problem for lower end equipment to read accurately.
  •  In the past year North Shore Components, Inc. has invested over $600,000 in test equipment and methods that enhance our verification capabilities
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DNA Marking


Counterfeit protection, brand authentication, & combats product diversion, all using the proven forensic power of DNA. With impenetrable taggants, high-resolution DNA authentication, and comprehensive reporting, our botanical DNA-based technologies deliver the greatest levels of security & deterrence.

An Applied DNA mark offers a unique solution to the “growing deluge of millions of counterfeit chips posing peril to the U.S. military and the general public”. Utilizing custom DNA sequences to forensically ID microelectronics is the ultimate weapon to foil counterfeiters.

North Shore Components, Inc. is a leading Independent Distributor & Service Provider specializing in Counterfeit Mitigation Services including DNA marking.  North Shore Components was an early adopter of DNA marking. Months before reimbursement to trusted sources was announced by the DLA, North Shore Components contracted with Applied DNA Sciences and became one of the first distributors certified for in-house marking.

North Shore has been, and continues to be, an active partner with our customers in the fight against counterfeits.  We stand behind our quality inspection and testing protocols which is why we were so quick to contract for our unique DNA mark of provenance to apply to our components.


Botanical SigNature® DNA Markers:

  • Cannot be copied
  • Covert and forensic
  • Custom DNA markers can be created for specific vendors/suppliers or raw materials
  • Compatible with a wide range of products
  • Can be placed anywhere in or on the product
  • Adaptable. Will not require major changes to the manufacturing process or supply chain
  • Fully-supported expert witness reporting
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